On May 30th Dragon Ball Creator Akira Toriyama was knighted at the French Embassy in Japan.

While he was not in attendance his publisher Akio Iyoku accepted the Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters) medal for the extremely private author.

Others who have been knighted are Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) in 2005, Jiro Taniguchi (The Summit of the Gods) in 2011, Leiji Matsumoto (Galaxy Express 999) in 2013, and Isao Takahata (Grave of the Fireflies) in 2015.

It’s amazing to see the works that we love become this aknowledged. Dragon Ball will now go into the French history books.

Dragon Ball was created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. Originally written and illustrated by him Dragonball was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump where it was published from 1984 – 1995. There are over 500 chapters and even more episodes to the series to date. It continues to be a franchise that anime fans can love and releases new content to this day.

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