Growing up with anime in the 90s to early 2000s you get a sense of warmth when you see a manga series you love become an anime adaptation. Take Fruits Basket for instance, I was super stoked to see my beloved characters come to life. Laura Bailey offered her voice to the lovely Tohru Honda. My sister Mychella and I would bond over this anime and it just left good feelings. But sadly it ended with 26 episodes and it left me (and the rest of the fans) wondering if there would be a season 2. After all we were not introduced to the Rooster Kureno or the horse Isuzu (Rin). And let’s be real Akito is not a boy (spoiler alert). As the years rolled by there were rumors of a season two, but we always ended up short.

Fast forward to the present and we have a new anime series. By all accounts and what I have seen so far, everything is just as amazing as the manga. And by no means feels rushed at all, plus we have character development. The biggest surprise to everyone was that we were told was this new adaptation would include the entire manga!  Recently at Anime Central Eric Vale who voices Yuki in the English dub, recent said in an interview “…telling the story from beginning to end, 63 episodes in total.” So this possibly means we are getting at least 63 episodes of Fruits Basket! The original manga runs for 26 volumes and personally leaves plenty of cushion for the amazing climax.

The anime currently runs on Crunchyroll and Funimation, currently it is on episode 10.