The movie Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection came out in Japan in Feburary 2019 serving as a finale to the show. In which Taniguchi and many key staff members returned to work on. However, just last month, Kojiro Taniguchi, announced that Code Geass: Lelouch the Re;ssurection is the first phase of a 10 year plan of new content for the Code Geass franchise!

Code Geass told the story of a young man named Lelouch and how he came to power, only to take down his own family’s royal regime after his mother’s death. Which he was only able to do with the power of the Geass, having had it bestowed upon him by C.C. or C2 as she is affectionately called. The animation was beautiful and the story line very serious but very well done! In fact, if Taniguchi was trying to get it greenlighted in today’s industry it most likely would have not happened. Due to the depressing content in the show.

In an interview on March 11, director Goro Tanigchi, spoke with Tsunehiro Uno, on his online program, HANGOUT PLUS. One of the subjects they spoke about was the fact that the anime industry trends today; and how they generally focus’ on slice of life content. In today’s market they generally will not greenlight a storyline with ‘depressing content’ such as Code Geass. In fact Taniguchi get’s told to not put such things in his work even though Geass has been such a hit throughout the world.

 “I get told ‘don’t put the depressing elements in.’ The production company is separated from the fans, and they don’t know what will or won’t be a hit.”

To watch the entire interview one must be a paid subscriber to the PLANETS channel. The interview does not have subtitles.