Welcome to the brutal world of VG! A world where people gather to see waitresses duke it out. Where the winner receives a cash prize and the loser… HAS TO STRIP!

Yuka preparing to fight Jun.

Variable Geo started out as a Japanese fighting game developed under the Giga brand by TGL. The Variable Geo anime OVA follows the same plot as the second game, Advanced V.G., where the story centers around Yuka Takeuchi.

In the anime, when we first meet Yuka, she’s getting ready to start her shift at the local restaurant she works at, when she’s suddenly challenged to a VG battle by Jun Kubota, a waitress from a different restaurant chain. Yuka accepts and the battle begins! The fight gets heated and just when it seems like Yuka is about to lose, her friend Satomi begins cheering her on from the audience, and a flame of energy engulfs both hers and Yuka’s hands. Suddenly Yuka finds enough strength within herself to win, and Jun has to strip.

Jun Kubota about to attack.

From this point we learn of the over arching story of the Jahana Group and the secret splinter group within Jahana that is looking for the ideal fighter to use to resurrect their leader, Miranda Jahana, the mother of the current CEO, Reimi Jahana. The leader of the splinter group has his sights set on Satomi, and agrees to pay her brothers medical expenses if she agrees to work for him.

The rest of the series shows Yuka teaming up with Jun to find Satomi and fight off anyone that stands in their way. There’s, of course, fighting, but there’s also plenty of fun, sassy bunny and cat girls, lots and lots of boobs, and the opening and ending songs are total bops! And if you’re looking for extra fun, make sure to watch the English dub. It’s hilariously bad and much more fun than the sub. There was a second Variable Geo anime called V.G. Neo, but trust me, you don’t want to go there.