The dub of the Shonen Series has finally Concluded its run on Toonami

Saturday the 22nd, the dubbed finale of Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter concluded on Toonami. This adaptation of the 1999 manga, premiered back in 2014 and has caught up with its source material, ending in episode 148. The fanbase for this series is diverse and strong, surviving and growing through multiple hiatuses and a previous adaptation.

Many fans, as well as the creators involved, took to twitter to bid the show farewell.

The show centers around Gon Freecss who , after discovering his absentee father is a world Renowned Hunter, strives to enter the same field and travel the world. Hunters being multi-field professionals that specialize in fields ranging anywhere between Anthropologists to Bounty Hunters.

While fitting into the sterotypical shonen formula, the shows charming characters, engaging ideas and static desgins drew fans in. This , paired with the flexible storytelling and the different and distinct story arcs , helped to make Hunter x Hunter fresh and accessible.

Whats your opinion on the dubs end ? Over it ? or are you still sobbing like us ? Let us know down in the comments !

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