The iconic series comes to Netflix .. with mixed results

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Hope and Despair filled the heads of Evangelion fans, as Netflix’s announcement of the show release fostered a group of mixed reactions the the show release.

Evangelion has been out of print for North American Audiences for around a decade , and since it’s been released fans have voiced some issues about it

The Four Comment Complaints

The Voice Acting :

Netflix, apparently, wasn’t able to obtain the license for the original dub, so they had to redub it themselves. Since the company acquired the streaming rights, as well at the localization rights – the new dub is an in-house production. Many of the fans have complained about their dislike of the new voice cast

Fly Me To Moon:

To continue this licensing train , as evidenced by its exclusion, fans have complained about the lack of involving the track ” Fly Me to The Moon”. In an Article by CinemaBlend , it’s revealed that Netflix Japan actually has the song at the end.

Relationships :

With their version, they made more literal translations that fit closer to the manga. The manga being written after the original anime, so there are discrepancies between the different iterations / mediums .

This includes altered dialogue which affected certain relationships between characters. One being the relationship between Shinji and Kaworu was one that fans claimed was altered. Some fans argued that they alterations changed the narrative of the relationship between the two characters.

As stated in an article by VOX , Translator Dan Kanemitsu who worked with studio Khara, they left the meaning behind the words up to interpretation.

Nerv :

A more light hearted complaint – no one knows how to pronounce the name of the organization. Fans have pointed out how there are differences in how certain characters pronounce the organizations name.

And it doesn’t seem to be consistent, as the sporadic pronunciation seems to be random

Fans will sign petitions, tweet write and protest. They’ll also praise, highlight and push what they believe to be great about the series.

What’s your opinion on the show ? Love it or do you hate it ? Let us know in the comments down below