Mamoru Oshii, most famously known for his work on Ghost in the Shell is going to be making his first anime series in decades. Ichigo Animation, is a new studio is responsible for putting this project together. Oshii will serve as Creator and Chief Director on the project. Directing the series will be Junji Nishimura(Ranma 1/2). Providing animation for the show will be Comic Animation and Drive with assistance from Production I.G. Scripts are to be written by Oshii and Kei Yamamura and character designs will be supplied by Issei Aragaki(Monogatari).

The story is about vampire girls who become friendly with one another. A “girl meets girl” story Oshii explained, “without any handsome men.” The previews for the character designs as seen in OtakuMagazine are cute and sure to win audiences over.

Image Credit OtakuMagazine

Whether or not this means we can expect something more on the slice of life side of anime or yuri has yet to be seen. Though both would honestly go over really well with anime fans.

The theme song will be provided by an “official ambassador unit” called BlooDye, made up of singers Kanako Takatsuki, Karin Isobe, Sayaka Akagi, Ayano Furutaka and Chisami Ito. The title of the theme is going to be “Kono Hoshi no Doko ka de” or “Somewhere in this world”

The show is set to premiere spring 2020.