Spirited Away or to some it is known as Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi. This loveable film was created by the talented Hayao Miyazaki and has gained quite the following since its premier. It even won an Oscar for Best Animated Picture, take a look..

Recently the Film had its premiere in China (hey, it only took 18 years haha) on June 21st. The opening weekend made an amazing 195 million yuan ($28.36 million). Which blew its competitor Toy Story 4 out of the water. Toy Story opened with which only made $13.2 million. Even the studios on My Neighbor Totoro couldn’t hold a flame to this movie when it first premiered in China. Totoro only made 173 million yuan ($25 million). 

Spirited Away is an animated feature by noted Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki, 10-year-old Chihiro and her parents (stumble upon a seemingly abandoned amusement park. After her mother and father are turned into giant pigs, Chihiro meets the mysterious Haku, who explains that the park is a resort for supernatural beings who need a break from their time spent in the earthly realm, and that she must work there to free herself and her parents.