After three years of nothing Toei has finally released a teaser for the upcoming movie promised to us in 2020. Continuing Sailor Moon Crystal which started out as Naoko Takuechi’s reboot to the original show only this time more based on the manga.

We went with consecutive seasons up until the end of season three when they announced that instead of a season four there would be two movies. That was fine, fans were skeptical about how they would do it, but we accepted it because that is what we were getting. Whether we liked it or not. Well after the silence they finally released that teaser I was talking about, June 30th, which is well known for being Usagi and Chibi Usa’s birthday.

And with that we are already getting mixed reviews. For some the animation from previous seasons of crystal look much much better. For others it looks like they handed the animation to the Precure team. Which isn’t inherently bad except for the lack of consistency. One of the things the original show that ran in the 90’s has is that it was all for the most part very similar.

Anyway what made me think the worst was that the new movie is called “Sailor Moon Eternal”. For those familiar with the show and the manga you know that the eternal transformations don’t occur until very near the end. In the anime it happened in Season 5, Or Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. There could be two reasons for this that I can think of off the top of my head.

The first is that hopefully when this movie ends we are only part way into the Stars arc. Spoiler alert, Queen Nehelenia comes back after season 4 and makes an appearance in Stars after Galaxia does some meddling. In fact the whole reason that Nehelenia appeared in the first place was Galaxia’s doing. So my theory is that the second movie will not end at season four but dip into the first few episodes of 5. That is the best case scenario. The eternal transformation happened in episode 169.

Worst case is that Toei tries to make the 2 movies the two separate seasons. Which is not enough time to go through all the emotions that Stars gave us in the first place. Stars was one of the best and most elusive seasons of Sailor Moon that people really clung to, for those reasons specifically. Viz has now finished dubbing the original run and now it is only a waiting game until part two comes out on Bluray and DVD. So what I am hoping is that they take time with the final season when they get to it in the Sailor Moon Crystal run. Let us savor more of the Sailor Stars. We need it.

Of course there is always the pipe dream that someday we will get to see Chibi Usa go on her own adventure and explore that story line with the Sailor Quartet, but that probably will never happen. If Naoko gave us new content now after the redub is finished and after the final films come out of Crystal, fans would loose their minds.

So What do you think the new movies will hold? Just Season 4? Or Seasons 4 & 5? Tell us in the comments!