There is one person that I love with all my heart in the Jrock industry, well two; Kamijo and Gackt. This is how I was first introduced to Gackt.

Ah the wild days of Jrock. Great times. He’s the top center by the way. I still remember when Gackt left and my teenage heart was crushed, but then I got wind of him going solo. I waited patiently on what I called the internet back then (Thanks WebTV!) and finally found in the depths of the internet I found the details.

Vanilla the iconic song of Gackt turns 20 this year and wow, hard to believe that this song is that old. Gackt was only 26 when filmed this iconic, and now he is 46. The same dorky, bodybuilding maniac I have come to know and love. Vanilla was released on August 11th, 1999 and it was his second solo song to be released. Vanilla stayed on the Oricon charts for 10 weeks. 

An astounding 248,360 copies were sold, and this was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of Japan. After three years the song was rereleased and reached 12th on the charts. 

Check it out below!

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