Rats and cats and rabbits, oh my! The Soma Clan is here with new teasers for the second half of season one. The Fruits Basket remake has received a lot of praise for staying true to the original manga series. Its newest teasers seem to show that the series intends to continue that trend into the second half of season one.

Earlier yesterday, Fruits Basket released a new key visual for the second half of the season. The visual shows protagonist Tohru Honda walking outside on a beautiful day surrounded by her friends from the Soma clan. All of the characters shown have been introduced into the series already. Tohru’s hand is held by the rambunctious rabbit Momiji, while Yuki, Kyo, Kagura and Hatsuharu follow behind them. As usual, Kagura can’t help but show her love for Kyo!

They always have a great time when they are together!

Shortly after the visual’s release, Fruits Basket also released a new trailer. The trailer starts by recapping how Tohru stumbled upon Shigure’s house. There her adventure with the zodiac began! The trailer shows off all of the members of the zodiac that Tohru has come to know so far. Suddenly, the trailer takes on a darker tone as we see Tohru asking Shigure exactly what the zodiac curse is all about. It then cuts to Yuki reminding us that even the zodiac members are still human beings. We then get a glimpse of Kisa, Ritsu and Hiro- all Soma members that will be introduced in the second half of the season.

Tohru has a lot of new challenges in store!

The trailer ends on a clip of Kyo yelling “I do accept it!” This promises the emotional reveal of Kyo’s true form as the cat. Additionally, the trailer seems to suggest that season one will end in the same spot that the original anime series ended. This would put the ending of season one somewhere in volume six of the manga. Regardless, Fruits Basket has given us a lot to be excited about as we move into the second half of this season! After all, as year of the monkey, I can’t wait to see my representative Soma in this new iteration!