Have you ever dreamed of being an all-powerful ruler in a realm all your own? If so, Overlord may be just the anime for you. And after some surprise news at a recent anime convention, you may even have a new season to look forward to in the near future.

Overlord has been one of anime’s top isekai series in recent years. Isekai is a portal fantasy sub-genre in which a normal person is transported or trapped in a parallel universe. The series follows Lord Momonga, a player reminiscing inside the world’s largest MMORPG on the day it shuts down. Momonga finds himself trapped in the world inside the body of his character. Thus, he decides to embrace his new life and take over the game realm. Momonga decides to become the realm’s new overlord, Lord Ains Ooal Gown.

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Ains certainly looks the part of an overlord!

Overlord’s third season premiered last July, but the series has been quiet ever since then. That is, until anime licensor KSM Anime recently took to Twitter. The German Company was recently attending a local convention hosting Kugane Maruyama and So-Bin, the writer and illustrator of the Overlord light novels respectively. Yukie Sugawara, the anime’s script writer, was also present at the convention. It was at this convention that KSM Anime announced a fourth season.

In a Twitter statement, they said that “On Saturday at the Overlord Panel, our Guests of Honor announced a fourth season of Overlord! No more information is available at this time though.” The announcement has made many fans excited, but official confirmation from Madhouse has yet to be made. Madhouse Studios has overseen the Overlord anime series since the beginning. So until official confirmation comes from them, many fans are hesitant to believe the news.

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Albedo will certainly be excited for a whole new season with Ains.

In the meantime, I guess we re-watch the seasons we already have and imagine what season four could bring. Hopefully, Madhouse will bring us official confirmation in the next few days.