F/GO Japan recently announced new summer servants along with the long awaited summer Okita. The Las Vegas banner includes Katsushika Hokusai /Saber 4* a welfare Servant upon clearing the event and will include Miyamoto Musashi /Berserker 5* , Carmilla /Rider 4* , Osakabehime /Archer 4* and then the trailer included 3 summer servants with unconfirmed classes which includes a Altria Pendragon lancer , Meltryllis and as mentioned above the long await summer Okita Souji. There will also be some Male servant costumes Siegfried, Fuuma Kotarou, and Merlin which will be unlocked through event progression. Of course this is for the Japan server so North America can expect to see these servants in the next 2 years. Better save those saint quartz!