Get ready fellow anime fans! Crunchyroll Expo is only a week away and there will certainly be a lot of things to get excited for. Beginning August 30th until September 2nd, the convention will host a multitude of new anime releases and announcements. One of those new releases is the U.S. premiere of the animated film The Wonderland.

I think we all would like to know the context for this scene

The Wonderland is an animated film by entertainment company Eleven Arts. The film is directed by Keiichi Hara with character designs by Ilya Kuvshinov. The Wonderland follows the fantastical journey of a young girl named Akane. Eleven Arts summarizes the story as such:

“On the day before her birthday, young Akane meets a mysterious alchemist who brings her into a world of magic and color. She is deemed the “Green Goddess,” destined to save the fantastical Wonderland from imminent destruction. The only problem? She just wants to go home.”

These fish certainly have a way of making one feel small

In a preview trailer released earlier this year on Hara’s birthday, fans got a glimpse of the fantastical events of the film. From riding giant fish to jumping cars off of cliffs and facing down giant, fluffy sheep- Akane certainly seems to have her work cut out for her. Thankfully, she is not alone. The alchemist Hippocrates and his student Pipo help her on the journey of protecting this precious world.

The U.S. Premiere of The Wonderland will be held at the CRX Cinema on Friday, August 30th at 2PM Pacific Time. Anime fans attending the expo should definitely make a point to attend the premiere event. After all, if the art and preview trailers are any evidence, Akane’s journey promises to be a magical and beautiful ride!