Blade of the Immortal is not a series for the faint of heart. Hiroaki Samura’s extremely grotesque and bloody 1993 manga series follows the journey of a samurai named Manji. Manji is “a samurai cursed with the inability to die. To cure himself of his affliction, he must go on a quest to kill 1,000 evildoers. On his path to regain his mortality, he runs into a young woman named Rin. Upon agreeing to help her avenge the death of her parents, the duo crosses paths and swords with several schools of samurai and villains.”

Previously, Blade of the Immortal was adapted into an anime in 2008. The series also received a novelization. The original anime adaptation was only 13 episodes long. Now, Linden Films is bringing the series back to the screen with promises of a complete adaptation. This new series is being directed by Hiroshi Hamasaki and will show episodes on Amazon Prime. The new anime premieres on October 10.

Below, you can see the new trailer. Be warned that is shows extreme violence and blood.