So how do I start this any other way than saying “it’s awesome.” Well besides that and the amazing animation and artwork that have been put into this series there is a story line that keeps getting more interesting. There are certain tropes that the show follows, watching him train and get stronger, working and leveling up and honing his skill, things like that that make the show fun to watch. But there are also new elements that keep you coming back for more.

The Story

The story surrounds Tanjiro who comes home one night after having to stay away to find out that his family has been murdered by a demon. In this world there are demon slayers which is where the title gets the name from. His entire family is gone except for his sister who still has a heart beat. He carries her off trying to find help when she turns into a full fledged demon.

A demon slayer(Giyu) that has been assigned to that area happens upon them and saves Tanjiro. But he also tries to kill his sister which Tanjiro is fully against. For an unexplained reason his sister isn’t like other demons and protects Tanjiro instead of trying to rip him apart. When Giyu sees this he suspects that the couple might be different and sends them down the mountain to seek out Urodaki who will then train him to try out for the selection process of becoming a demon slayer.

First Season

The first season is really strong. There are no filler episodes and it moves quickly from one plot point to another. It introduces lots of cool and interesting characters throughout the way and you become completely invested in what is happening. It just finished it’s run and you are now able to watch the entire season on Crunchyroll and soon to be Cartoon Network in a dubbed version. They are going to have it on Toonami and Aniplex of America will be dubbing.

What’s Next

There has been a movie announced for Season Two and it is going to be called Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba: Demon Train Arc. It is expected to premiere in late 2020.

If You Like ~

Hunter X Hunter, My Hero Academia, Twin Star Exorcists, Yona of the Dawn, or any other adventure anime you will probably really enjoy this one as well.