Shoya Tanaguchi is releasing a newly designed titan ring that is made to order. It will feature the iconic face of the titan that started it all, the giant titan. They will be made of silver and is heavy. The ring will be a statement of your love for Attack on Titan and a great addition to your anime wardrobe.

From the site:

≪Super Giant Ring≫

A heavy ring with a super giant giant motif.

Because it is a character that can be said to be the face of a work
I wanted to make it cooler than anywhere else.

So we decided to add a realistic texture to the silhouette of the giant giant. By doing so, it is possible to give power while faithfully reproducing the world view of anime. In addition, the black mold is applied to create contrast and tighten the mold.

And the last commitment in the craftsmanship. There is a “Bertolt” inside the ring. It is also a point that you want to see by all means because it is also concerned with the molding inside the nape.

Designer commitment and ideas. And one of the best craftsmanship that can make it happen. A ring that took more than a year to complete.

I hope all fans like it.

The ring will cost 250,000 yen or $2300.00 USD. It will be shipped out two months after order and you cannot cancel because of the build to order system. If you know someone who loves Attack on Titan you may want to check this out. Quantities will be limited!