Cup Noodle is taking their ads to the next level! In 2017, Cup Noodle launched their “Hungry Days” campaign. This campaign focuses on a series of famous anime characters in their youth. Manga artist Eisaku Kubonouchi re-imagines various characters doing youthful things such as attending school and confessing their love to someone. For instance, we have seen Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service confess her love to Tombo. Recently, “Hungry Days” has turned its attention to the Straw Hat crew.

Teenage Kiki and Jiji

On May 17, Cup Noodle teased the Straw Hat crew in school uniforms. They then released two ads focusing on Zoro and Nami’s school days.The music for these ads is provided by the band BUMP OF CHICKEN. On Saturday, a full music video for BUMP OF CHICKEN’s song “Kinen Satsuei” was released. This is the same song used in the previous ads. The full music video shows previous animations from both Nami and Zoro’s ads. Additionally, it shows new animation sequences featuring Chopper, Sanji, Usopp, Brooks, Frankie, Robin, Sabo, and Ace.

The Straw Hat crew’s re-imagining sure is beautiful

Throughout the ad, we see the characters go through both moments of sorrow and joy as they navigate the treacherous waters of adolescence. We see Luffy tossing Zoro a water bottle after a tough training session, Usopp playing with children, and Nami stressing about school tests until a familiar straw hat is placed on her head. We even get to see the three brothers Luffy, Ace, and Sabo sharing drinks around a table together. The video ends with a picture of the Straw Hat crew together and smiling.

One thing is for sure, Cup Noodle’s advertisements are both artistically beautiful and emotionally heart-pulling. I can’t wait to see which anime characters they will showcase next.