Going through the usual motions after I finish up one anime I went to the Crunchyroll menu and on a whim searched for “Slice of Life” anime. It was here that I found BLEND S which is a cute show about a cafe that tailors to their customers wishes. It’s not a maid cafe, it’s a themed one. So they have characters that you can choose from like Moe, Tsundere etc.

Dino who is the cafe’s manager bumps into Maika who is on her route to finding a job. They excange glances and go on their way. Maika leaves quite the impression with Dino however because of her “problem”. Maika can’t find a job because her face always comes across as sadistic. Which is actually perfect for Dino who casts people in roles to please his customers.

She ends up walking into the cafe and recognizing Dino and he hires her on the spot. The show is one that you will enjoy if you like shows that are light with lots of other kinds of characters that fit a stereotype. I know as an anime fan we all have our favorites.

Maika is pure and wants to work to be able to travel and go to foreign countries. But poor Maika even though she tries to be nice her stare gives the customers chills(which they like) and can’t seem to get across her actual intentions. The entire anime is mostly about how Maika deals with having to take on this uncomfortable sadistic role that she would like to just brush under the rug. But the problem is that she is SO GOOD AT IT. She’s a total natural.

Kaho is the Tsundere type and she is also kind of a natural. She cares what you think but tries to play it off. She also loves video games and that is a big part of her character development. Mafuyu is the oldest but plays the younger sister type. I wont go into the other characters because there is a twist with some of them and I don’t want to spoil it for you. All I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed this anime and I recommend it.

I also felt really called out when this scene happened…

You can watch BLEND S on Crunchyroll.